Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow! It's been a minute. I've missed blogging and reading blogs. Work is on the downswing - at least a little bit so I'm hoping to be back to posting. Also, welcome to my new readers. . .I still can't believe I have more than one subscriber :)

Even though I didn't blog about it on the day or even close to the day, I celebrated month 4 with a wash and re-twist. I still have very frustrating days when I just want to chop them off but I'm holding on. I was really hoping to see a loctitian but haven't had the time to make an appointment. One of my friends has recommended someone so hopefully month 6 will find me in a salon chair!

These pics are from 04/08 and 04/09 (my actual lociversary). I finally mixed the Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar and Shine & Define. I didn't measure so I don't have specifics but the two products blended together well. I was happy with the hold three weeks later.

Again, I apologize for the picture quality. This time around I used my Flip camcorder. Haven't gotten around to unpacking and finding the battery charger for my camera. 

Not too much change from month 3. I'm trusting the process. Month 5 is just a week away!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me. I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs.

- kareen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

First, I would like to welcome my new subscribers! I very much appreciate all of you taking the time to read my musings on loc'ing.

The coils came down this past Monday morning. While the 'do worked for the weekend, it was not work appropriate. Perhaps if I had kept them in longer, the curls would have been more well-formed. I apologize for the poor picture quality; it's a cell cam. Still trying to locate the camera after the move.

Here is the result!

How I wore it to work
The waves completely dropped by Wednesday. I will definitely try the style again but maybe when I can leave them in for a longer period of time.

Heading into four months next weekend!

- kareen

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