Sunday, October 23, 2011

With a second set of locs on my mind thoughts of "what will I do differently?" are swirling around. The list isn't long since I only had my last set for five months! BUT there are things I would change.

1. Smaller locs
I had about 55 with my first set. I love thick locs so I don't want to go much thinner but with such thick locs, styling was proving to be difficult - braidouts were impossible! Maybe 75 to 95 will work better? Who knows but it's definitely something I will discuss with my future loctitian.

2. Less product
I washed my hair thoroughly and used products sparingly. When I cut my locs, I was surprised by the amount of build-up. Once I start maintaining my own locs, I will try re-twisting with water and stick to oil for moisturizing on wet hair.

3. Starting on even hair
Last time I started with hair that needed a cut. The back was significantly longer than the front and I wish I had trimmed first. Also a hassle for styling! The hair at the nape will grow quicker, I understand, but I'm going to give the front a fighting chance to keep up!

4. Find a loctitian that is closer
I loved my last loctitian, Essence Farmer and her salon Rare Essence Studio. Unfortunately they were 3.5 hours away from where I lived in Arizona making the round trip eight hours long. To make matters worse, I relocated to Southern California and didn't make the time to find one due to a busy schedule. I have a couple of excellent recommendations that are not too far from where I am. I look forward to meeting each of them.

If you could get new locs or if you started a new set, what would you change or did you change?

- kareen

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been a minute but a much needed one. My 3rd big chop was in May after a particularly difficult transition into my new position. I reverted to what I new and where I felt comfortable. I have enjoyed my TWA but I'm ready to head back into locdom.

I've been mulling the idea for the past couple of months but finally made the decision two weeks ago. I canceled my "buzz" cut appointment in late September. I have about 1/4" of growth and my goal is 1" before starting again. I wanted to wait until longer but after a twitter conversation with @locdglory (aka Quotidianlight on Youtube) where she pointed out that her third set loc'd the quickest and that was when she had started them at the shortest length. I'm anxious to get this set started so I'm ready to try at 1".

My first goal is finding a local loctitian. Fortunately I'm surrounded my several loc'd beauties and I have several referrals which I will be checking out.

That's it for now. I'm excited to get back on the road!

- kareen

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