Sunday, December 12, 2010

So it's been four days and the loc babies are still holding up. I'm trying to remember that they're not actually babies, LOL! I'm so scared that I'm going to do something wrong. These feelings should pass soon...right?

The good thing is that I'm not playing in my hair; mostly wearing wraps. I haven't counted them yet because I'm hesitant to find out. I'm going through the occasional minor pangs of buyer's remorse. Perhaps they're too big? What if I don't like them as they mature? I quickly push those thoughts out of my head. I'm just curious to see how they develop.

Onto maintenance, when I left the salon, China gave me only two instructions to follow: wrap my hair at night with something non-cotton and to spritz with hair oil every other day or as my scalps needs.

Here are my essential items for this first (relatively easy and stress-free) phase of maintenance.

I wear a hanky at night to secure the locs. I also wear one when I'm hanging out at home.
This is the large head tie I use over the hanky at night. My locs aren't going anywhere!

I'm spritzing with Africa's Best hair oil. You can get it at Wal-mart for 1.99. For the ingredients included, they're giving this stuff away!
And that's it! I can handle these steps until my next appointment in a month.

Lastly here are some pics of my day 4 loc babies.

Lots of loose hairs!
The locs at the nape are frizzing up.

Big loc babies!
Thanks for reading!

- kareen

p.s. My sweet hubby just counted my locs and I have between 55 and 60. Not as worried about the size but it seems like most people are around 80+. I know. I know. I can't measure myself against others. And I'm not. It's just an observation. We'll see where this journey ends!


iRockLocs said...

The feeling of doing something wrong will go away eventually. It went away for me after I washed for the first time (two weeks in).

I haven't gotten around to counting mine yet. I have too many and they're too short for me to band them and not re-count some more than once. I love the size of your babies! They look awesome!!!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Kim! I couldn't even imagine taking on the challenge of washing my own hair right now. I saw your youtube vid on and thought "you go girl!"

Thanks for stopping by :)

- kareen

Rennea said...

Looking great! Keep it up :)

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks so much!

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