Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First, I would like to thank (and welcome!) all of my subscribers! I appreciate your comments, advice and support!

Soooo, I'm happily celebrating a week of loc'ing. Nothing appears to be happening other than flat hair. I find myself yearning for the frizzy stage just so I can enjoy some fullness. Wonder if I'll look back at that statement in a month and wonder if I was crazy. LOL! To help give the illusion of fullness, I've been rocking scarves to work.

I have been sticking to the recommended hair care maintenance regimen but my mind is wandering. Do you think I could add water to my oil mixture or even just spritz my hair with water alone? Locs thrive with water and perhaps the water will encourage my babies to fatten and frizz up! What do you think?

I'm also pleased to report NO ITCHING! *doing a little jig* I have the witch hazel on standby and am going to purchase the dry shampoo soon. I'll likely use that this week. I think keeping the locs covered when outdoors has helped. I'm thankful for my itching status because I have no desire to wash my own hair for fear of unraveling the starters. That'll have to wait for my next appointment in a couple of weeks.

So, should I water spritz or just let nature take its course?
- kareen


iRockLocs said...

Yay for no itching! I'm doing a happy dance with you, bucause the itchies are no joke! :)

I think water is essential for moisture and oil seals in the moisture. If there is no moisture, then the oil is merely coating you hair and making it shiny. I think water is a good addition to your routine. Just my opinion...I'm no loctician! LOL! If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can always check with your loctician first.

Rennea said...

Glad to hear everything is going good!! I add water my my oil :)

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks for the input ladies! I may put in a call to my loctitian; just don't want to bother her too much :)

I will probably dilute the oil with water. We'll see how it goes!

I appreciate the feedback.

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