Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I think I was more excited for the re-twist than I was for the installation. This could be the reason why - I was ready!

My babies are so fresh and so clean! The long drive to Rare Essence was, again, definitely worth it. China worked her magic: my loose hair has been returned to the appropriate locs; my parts are back; and all marrying locs have been separated (so sorry babies but it wasn't meant to be!). The salon uses Joie My Gel for re-twisting.

Here I am right after the re-twist. Thanks to Vela for taking the cell phone pics.

Looks like I gained some length!
Happy customer
Here are some self-shots taken when I got home. These pics appear more 'scalpy' than on my cell phone pics from the salon. The babies also look a little thinner than when installed but a fresh palm roll can have that affect.

China did a light interlock on the loc right above my ear closet to my hairline to see if  that will help keep it from unraveling.

The loc above the ear closest to my hairline on this side was also lightly interlocked

I took the opportunity to purchase my first loc products! Jane Carter Solution Natural Hold Locking Spray and Joie MyGel.

The holding solution is for when I would like my re-twist to last a little longer in not so ideal situations such as exercising. And although I plan on returning to Rare Essence a couple more times before attempting my own maintenance, I purchased the re-twisting gel for those just in case moments.

While I love the salon, it is a trek and my goal for loc'ing is to be able to take care of my own hair. So I know I will eventually have to wean myself from professional loctitian care. . . sigh.

That's the update!

- kareen


Rennea said...

I'm seeing it!!! Coming along nicely!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks lady! It's so exciting!

Kim said...

Your hair looks great. I use the Joie MyGel for my re-twist. I love it!

i_amEatingRight said...

So far the Joie MyGel is holding up really well especially considering my workout schedule (I sweat!) which sometimes includes two sessions a day. I did use the Natural Hold Locking Spray the day after the re-twist but I don't know how long those effects last. Anyhoo, I'm a happy camper :)

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