Thursday, July 1, 2010

I recently visited NYC for a business trip and had the fortune to have enough time to walk around Manhattan for an afternoon. I am working towards starting locs so i'm always on the lookout  for a loc'd head of hair.

Well that Manhattan afternoon I found myself surrounded by loc'd lovelies! Sisterlocks, free formed, manicured, small, thick, baby and mature locs whirled around me. Loose natural and relaxed hair, too. Truthfully, it was great to see such diversity. I've been missing it lately as I live in a small town.

The NYC trip was for business and I was with my boss. I wasn't free to stop and talk with the loc'd lovelies I encountered but just being around them was motivating. While I at the airport I did have an opportunity to speak with a mother/daughter loc'd duo. They recommended a loctician in one of the large cities near me. I now have two recommendations and I'm comfortable enough with my hair length to start the process.

So it's time to consult!

I'm excited!

- kareen


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