Sunday, July 11, 2010

Call me excited! I have my first consult booked with a loctician! It's going to be a quickie at 10 to 15 minutes and it's a three hour drive to get there but I'm still stoked. The distance doesn't bother me; that's just the reality of living in my little town as a black woman. Hair care will require a lengthy trip no matter what style I choose to rock. Love my city but understand it's limitations.

To be honest, the consult is a side trip and not the purpose of the three hour drive. . .this time. I am heading into the "big" city with co-workers for a shopping day next Friday and was able to convince them to agree to stopping by a hair salon for my purposes :) How nice!

I have one more loctician to visit going 3 hours in the other direction. If I'm pleased with this week's consult, I may not bother making the other visit. I'll post my review when it's all said and done!

- kareen


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