Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Thursday evening I was so excited I could barely sleep! My first step towards obtaining locs was only mere hours away. After a three hour trek, we arrived in the 'big city' and I headed straight to the salon for my consult.

During my initial conversation with the loctitian, we set up a tentative meet-up time of between 9 - 10 am. She indicated that I should contact her when I got into town which I did at 9:00. I was surprised when she returned my call at 9:30 to say she would be stepping out until 11 am. Fortunately I was at the salon door when I received that call and she was able to see me before she left. I can't lie; that interaction left me a little...sour. We selected the agreed upon time based on her schedule. And while I understand that the consult was free, we had set an appointment and she was willing to throw off my day by an hour! And besides, I would have paid for her time as I think it's important to have a good rapport with your loctitian. I don't want to have to start my locs multiple times because I don't like the work or the products used.

The salon was clean and the person who greeted me was helpful. Good first impressions here. The loctitian herself was nice and I didn't necessarily feel rushed so that was good. I have soft hair so I expect that it will take longer to loc but I know it's possible. For my wedding five years ago, my hair was styled in comb coils which remained intact/neat for three days. On my honeymoon, I removed them over the course of a couple of days. On that fifth day, those coils  were near impossible to comb out! The ones in the back had already started loc'ing!

Anyhoo, the loctitian confirmed the fact that I have soft hair and recommended that I start with synthetic hair extensions. In addition to helping my hair loc, the synthetic hair would help me avoid the starter/teen loc phases aka the 'ugly' phase.


I didn't mention wanting to avoid the 'ugly' phase. And if I had, I would hope that human hair would be recommended.  Truth be told, I had initially considered loc extensions. So, I have nothing against them. I chose not to pursue that path for two reasons:

1. COST! Loc extensions with human hair start at $300; and
2. I want thicker locs but don't want bulky extensions pulling on my hair. They would likely slide out anyway.

When I inquired about other options for starter locs, the loctitian mentioned any other option would require a lot gel which would lead to flaking. Not a good look. My previous experience with comb coils didn't require a lot product and I never experienced flaking. She returned to the synthetic hair extension option and provided anecdotal examples of clients who are currently using this method. She warned that if I didn't cut the extensions out at the right time they would become part of my permanent locs. Human hair I could live with but synthetic hair mixed with my natural hair? Not so much.

In the end, she reassured me that she could get my hair to loc no matter what. I respect her talent and opinion but this isn't a relationship that I am going to pursue. We're not a match.

I was disappointed but not deterred. I continue my search. In the meantime, I'll continue rocking loose natural!

- kareen


eMCee said...

Girl! Please keep searching, that loctitian did not give you enough options! I searched and called around for months before finding my dream shop. Keep the faith!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Although the thought of 'months' scares me, I need to feel comfortable. I would love to try the salon you suggested. Just wish it was a little closer! Who knows. If I'm not satisfied around here, I may have to pick up and travel!

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