Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Okay. Finally got the pics off the card and onto the 'puter. Almost had a meltdown when I thought I would never be able to access them.

I digress.

After a couple of weeks of consistent exercise my scalp was screaming for a wash. The problem? I was just too terrified to wash my own hair and to deal with the mess afterwards. I didn't have the time to travel to my loctitian (7.5 hours away) so I knew it was time. Six days shy of my two month lociversary, I took the plunge. . . and LOVED it. Well, at the very least my scalp was thankful!

Here's a pictorial of how it all went down. (p.s. I'm still working on taking self-portraits so I continue to ask for your patience and also thank you for indulging me) 

Before the wash. The locs really held up this month.

Suave Clarifying Shampoo (first time using and had great results) + Joie MyGel + Clips = Re-twist!
The aftermath. I was a little bit overwhelmed at the though of re-twisting.  

During and after the re-twist. Couldn't believe how much more budding developed!
Here we are the next day. Second pic is a little fuzzy but shows all the budding.  Definite thickening up!

More next day pics. Loving my locs!

I was proud (and still am!) of my efforts. Seven days later the locs are crazy fuzzy but that's life. I don't own a hair dryer so I had to let my hair air dry. Maybe that has to do with the quick return of the fuzzies. Who knows.
That's it for now.

- kareen


FoxyLocs said...

I commend you for doing your own hair. I'm still too chicken and too lazy. lol. It's definitely growing!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks again FoxyLocs! I appreciate your encouraging comments. Not sure if I would have tried it if I lived closer my loctitian but as they say necessity is the mother of invention or in my case adventure :)

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