Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally! I was able to give my locs some TLC yesterday. A thorough wash followed by a re-twist using Nubian Kinks Loc Pomade. From start to finish, the process took about 90 minutes but I wasn't taking pictures in between like I did the first time around. Also, as I've mentioned before, I don't have a hair dryer so my locs air dried. I was pleased that many locs stayed intact but there were some that basically completely unraveled. Just another reminder that my locs are babies still.

NK Loc Pomade doesn't look the greatest; it's a light, muddy brown colour which I wasn't expecting but what it lacks in visual appearance (for me) it makes up for in scent. The pomade has a light but pleasant fragrance which reminds me of a Caribbean vacation.

As with any loc re-twisting gel/pomade, application was easy and I had no difficulty re-twisting. I was concerned about not having a blow dryer or hair dryer but no worries at all. When I removed the clips, my handiwork remained intact and there was no product build-up.

The only difference I noticed between the Joie MyGel and NK Loc Pomade is that this morning the locs that normally unravel overnight are still intact. The ones at my nape and by my ears held on surprisingly well! We'll see what this week holds. I will write a full review of the products I've used to so far in a separate post.

Happy Sunday!

- kareen


Kim said...

Your retwist looks great! Are you going the DIY route now, or just twisting in between trips to the loctician? I plan to completely DIY some time this year, but I'm not ready yet!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks Kim! Against my will on I'm on the DIY route :) I was hoping for monthly loctitian visits until at least 6 months but I cannot find one nearby. I'll start my search again once I've finished moving.

Once you start DIY, you'll find that it's not too terrible at all!

Rennea said...

Looking good! to me, air drying is best!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks Rennea. All the gels/pomade recommend the heat afterwards so I wasn't sure if I will get the best hold. I appreciate you stopping by :)

Naturaleza said...

Oh wow! Look at that growth! You must be beaming from ear to ear. And the fuzzy budding. It's like each one is budding. LOL, pardon my crazy joy. But, I mean you really got to pause and love this process for what it is.
With each DIY you get better is true. I took my pinup in the front down tonight. I just love to see my hair out and to touch it, etc. The Nubian Kinks held overnight and that is great. The heat does help to seal the product in. I don't have a hood dryer, just a handheld and the only time I did a DIY it worked. Tried to get as much of the dampness out. When I was done, I tied my head with my silk scarf, keeping the pins in.
Enough of me on your page.
Good job!

i_amEatingRight said...

Naturaleza, I very appreciate your comments and thoughts :) Yes, I'm happy with the budding but I think I'm actually experiencing more shrinkage; I'm just not seeing growth. Knowing that shrinkage is part the process, I'm embracing it :)

Naturaleza said...

Hey. Thought I'd respond here instead. I do not own a spray bottle as yet; but, I believe that using one will do just as well. I just wet my fingers initially and ran them thru my hair. Repeated this a couple times. I did not want too much water on my hair. But as you move up the head you can repeat the process if it is too dry. So, hence a mist or two from your spray bottle might do the trick.
Just a quick question 'cos I recall you did an air dry last time: Did you purchase a hood or hand-dryer? :o) If not, be careful with the amount of water you put on.
Let me know how it goes.

Naturaleza said...

Hi, Kareen. Have a great week!

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