Saturday, February 19, 2011

In only 12 business days my package from Nubian Kinks arrived! That's not too bad at all. Maybe their service is improving.

Now the dilemma - what should I use for my next re-twist? Oyin Handmade or Nubian Kinks. I'll have to make that decision by tomorrow. I'm starting my new job on Monday so it's going to be a wash and re-twist kinda Sunday...I hope! I'm in the middle of moving from AZ to CA for that job so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Which products should I try?

- kareen


Naturaleza said...

Hey, how is the moving going? Wishing everything goes smoothly.

Think you should go with the NK product. No particular reason. :)
Let me know how it all goes though. I am going to do a spritz combo of lavender, peppermint and sage; maybe during next week seeing that I got a wash and reloc only last week.

Naturaleza said...

Shoot, not last week! Where is my brain? It was yesterday! LOL LOL LOL

i_amEatingRight said...

LOL :) Thanks for checking in! Starting a new job and moving continues to be an interesting experience :) Should be settled in a couple of weeks.

Going to try the NK today! Can't wait to wash my hair!

Naturaleza said...

Thanks :)
The accessories are actually made of glass. They are made here in Barbados, had the opportunity to watch some jewelery being made, too. The two guys are first class glass blowers and their creativity is not limited to hair accessories. And some of the pieces are one of a kind.

I have one loc waiting for my FIRST KISS "Lockology" accessory :0)

eMCee said...

Very excited to know how you liked NK! Which Oyin product were you going to use?

i_amEatingRight said...

I have the Burnt Sugar and Shine & Define. So far I like the combo.

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